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Together with longstanding friend, sometime competitor and regular collaborator Lucian Camp I co-authored No Small Change a passionate, opinionated and practical manifesto arguing that the fast-changing financial services world urgently needs to rethink the whole of its approach to marketing. 


I’ve also contributed to a number of other books, some good, some bad and some indifferent. One I would recommend is Fintech Founders, by Augustin Rubini, published by degruteyer.


"When Anthony asked me to co-write a book with him, I was concerned that he'd be the co-author from hell -  opinionated, obsessive and reluctant to include any ideas that weren't his own.  In the event, it turned out that I was absolutely right.  But, all the same, it didn't turn out too badly..."

Lucian Camp

marketing consultant and co-author ‘No Small Change’

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